Laser Lamp

Typical laser lamps such as Xe flash lamps, Kr arc lamps, and IPL lamps are available either as a standard component or according to customer specifications.

Laser lamps as flash lamps and arc lamps are used to optically pump solid-state lasers. Through pumping, the population inversion necessary for a stimulated emission is generated. In general, we differentiate between xenon flash lamps for pulsed applications and krypton arc lamps for continuous applications.

In addition to laser applications we offers special lamps for other industrial applications. For some years now, xenon flash lamps have been used in medical applications. A popular example of this is hair removal through IPL (intense pulsed light), in which the extremely intense flash of light destroys the roots of the hair. They are also used to illuminate medical cameras or in hand lasers and small laser heads.

Standard Lamps:

  • Xenon Flash Lamps (used to pump pulsed lasers)
  • Krypton Arc Lamps (cw lamps can be found in marking lasers and in lasers used for cutting)
  • IPL Lamps (more and more common in the medical and cosmetic fields)